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After unveiling the profound insights from the realms of Ba Zi and Qimen for the enchanting month of Gui Pig - November 2023, let's now dive into the cosmic wisdom the Universe wishes to bestow upon us.

In the cosmic tapestry, Gui Pig translates to Hexagram 23, a captivating fusion of Gen gua atop and Kun gua below. As November is steeped in the potent essence of Water, it beckons the grounding presence of the Earth element, a harbinger of new beginnings.

In the grand sequence of life's journey, we occasionally encounter "rumbling" moments.

These are times when we may find ourselves in a state of denial, caught in the throes of conflict, division, and separation. Instead of addressing these issues openly and forging a path to resolution, we often adopt a "let it be" stance, inadvertently paving the way for more complex challenges.

Yet, this Hexagram, much like an enigmatic oracle card, has two facets: the upright and the reversed. Hexagram 23, at its core, need not be an intimidating specter. It can be managed with finesse.

Here's how:

• Observe, reevaluate, and recalibrate your approach to make the situation more manageable.

• Foster open and honest communication, the key to resolving conflicts and preventing their recurrence.

• Embrace moments of retreat to nurture yourself, as even the changing first line suggests.

• Cultivate unwavering persistence, determination, and resilience, all the while cherishing gratitude for the small, transformative moments.

Interestingly, the Oracle card and the Wisdom of Tao card that have serendipitously graced our path are in harmonious alignment with the prevailing circumstances of this month. They implore us to pause for reflection and bask in the warm glow of gratitude.

In a mere 7-8 weeks, as we bid adieu to the current season and welcome the arrival of spring, it shall mark the perfect time to ignite your momentum and embark on new beginnings.

May the collective insights from these  Chinese Metaphysics' tools serve as your guiding star for today, equipping you to stride confidently into the realm of 2024, fully prepared for the adventures that await.


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