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Updated: Feb 22, 2022


The Yang Line represents the the initiator, firmest, purest, male energy, power to start, powerful strength, superior, dutifully firm and unwavering.

When talks about Sector and Direction it is on the NORTHWEST and represents the numbers of 1 on Early Heaven Bagua and 6 on Later Heaven Bagua.

The Northwest in 5 Element system represents Metal which has the attributes of courage, brave, determined, forceful, unyielding, self-reliant.

Metal tends to be solid when it’s in room temperature and normal pressure but it also transform into a new shape or structure when molten — and this process for sure it’s not comfortable but necessary — so it can be more useful.

Looking at the people perspective, it represents Father, Leader, Boss, people who has power and authority. Someone who works based on precision, perfection and accuracy and can create their own opportunities.

This Qian Trigram also associated with lung and respiratory as well as nerves system and large intestines when we talk about Health related problem.

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