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I Ching for Today - 23 August 2022

"Those who with a clear mind have seen this truth, those who are wise and ever watchful, they feel the joy of watchfulness, the joy of the path of the great" ~ Buddha

Today the Day and the Month are the the same - WU MONKEY and in 60 Pillars this Wu Monkey represents Hexagram #59 DISPERSING (Feng Shui Huan). the Water and Wind that represents in the hexagram tells us to keep on moving, scatter out rather than to stand in one place if you want to have a progression, do the things individually - do what you are best with to make overall plan works out.

With these overall energy from the Day Hexagram, we would like to know also what exactly that we need to focus on specifically. So, we have casted a card and got Hexagram #55 ABUNDANCE ( Lei Huo Feng) - Thunder over Fire or Wood over Fire if we talk about element.

These 2 energy's gives same attributes of the bright the surrounding with bright light and change the surrounding with powerful force. We need to observe our surrounding clearly and with high awareness so we can pursue our goals and objectives with the right momentum. Develop your strength and durability, create connection with likeminded people, have a clear and strong judgements we respond it right.

If we connect the Hexagram of the Day (#59) and the Casted Hexagram (#55), we now understand that in order for us to have a progression we need to widen our perspective to see in a various random direction so that we have more focused and clear state of mind to improve and expand our strength to achieve our goals progressively.

There will have a lot of opportunities and changes offered today but, for sure, not all can be aligned with your big goals and dreams. That's why we need to be able to observe to what we really need and not be blinded only by benefits. We need to understand that when we have big dreams they need big shifts and big shifts require time and a lots of patience.


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Hexagram 32, "Duration," from the I Ching, emphasizes perseverance and consistency. It advises maintaining steady progress and commitment over time, avoiding sudden changes or impulsiveness. 𝑾𝒉𝒊𝒍�


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