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I Ching For Today - 20 August 2022

"Mutual respect is the foundation of Genuine Harmony" ~ Dalai Lama

I cast the I Ching card every morning and just happen, when I ask what do we need to focus on for today so we can achieve our desired result slowly with correct alignment, I got same card as on 18 August 2022 . Looking at this, I understand that our overall energy's picture for today is do not do things that exceeding its limit.

As today is Yi Snake day where the fire will be quite strong for all of us to create more things and display our ideas (refer to this #28 hexagram), it's a good reminder that the action we will do must follow what we have already planned, step by step and follow-through because consistency is more important rather than abruptly do all in one shot.

Because I cast the same card, so I shuffle another card and my thinking (while shuffling) is, "there must be something that You (Universe) wants us to see or to focus more so we all can understand better" ...and yes, Universe is so kind to all of us that I got a #31 MUTUAL INFLUENCE ( Ze Shan Xian) - Lake over Mountain or Metal over Earth is we talk about element.

Hexagram #31 is the starting point of the yin aspect of natural phenomenon, The Tao of Humanity

So, from this hexagram, we now can see that our focus really need to be us -the MAN line on the lower trigram is the one changing - and it will correspond well to the MAN line on the upper trigram. This line reveals that excess and insufficiency can be adjusted and balanced.

This changing line also makes the line structure become balance ( 3 Yang and 3 Yin).

Mentioned before, that we need to refer back on the initial objective and plan, do it step by step one at the time with the consistency, we can get the goals we want to achieve.

Other things that we need to give our attention to is how we communicate and deliver the message because this #31 has the hidden meaning of moving one's heart. This hexagram is the starting point of talking more on human relationship, the trigrams on the lower and upper show the connection between a young woman and young man where they are complement each other, mutually influence each other. The "appearance" of the Hexagram also now becomes more "soft", not too strong, arrogant and aggressive anymore but more steady and balance.

Now, I think we can complete the puzzle and balance the "exceed" situation by changing ourselves first on how we respond to other human being, to be calm, to gather the knowledge, experiences, information, to listen so we can communicate better, "touch" the heart of the other party and mutual understanding can be formed.

Don't be too selfish and selfcentered to have all the spotlight only for yourself by doing ALL the things. This action not only give you exhausted feeling but also temporary success.


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Hexagram 32, "Duration," from the I Ching, emphasizes perseverance and consistency. It advises maintaining steady progress and commitment over time, avoiding sudden changes or impulsiveness. 𝑾𝒉𝒊𝒍�


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