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I Ching for Today - 18 August 2022

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply"

Today hexagram of #28 - GREAT EXCEEDING, GREAT PREPONDERANCE ( Ze Feng Da Guo), Lake over the Wind or Metal over Wood if we want to talk from element perspective.

From the name alone, the visualisation of wind-dynamic movement and lake-static movement and the outside environment controls us, we can have one summary of the situation quite unstable. W are TOO confident that we can take the leap but we neglect the foundation that is too weak, we want to try to change the surrounding but based on OUR OWN WILL.

We accept and translate various information based on what our subjective thought and give back the information to the outer world again.

It will be same like when we play Chinese whispers game - the transmission chain experiments, where the end result of passed information will be very different from the first information that given.

We need to have a proper balance between maintaining the purpose we have and keeping track of the dynamic circumstances around us. Have more time of "listening" and detach yourself to calm and think if you face a chaotic/unhealthy situation. Listening is the other form of effective communication especially if you want to find a solution as when you listen, you will be in the silent mode then you can think and respond better.

Let's see from the perspective of the energy and element. The Lake always describe as a static while the Wind has a dynamic movement, the situation will be unfavourable when the wind becomes typhoon and make everything becomes in uproar. So from here, we can conclude that everything has to come from ourselves first before trying to change outside environment, when we can "control" the wind -- our inner, the lake will remain calm and happy sailing can be achieved.

Things that are TOO big are difficult to control but on the other hand things that are TOO small are easy to break. So, make the adjustment between the big and small, strong and weak, the excessive and the deficient. This hexagram of #28 also teach us on how to take extraordinary action when needed. We need to develop strength, gain knowledge, accumulate experience and all these only can be done if you are aware on the situation you face, you can achieve your aspiration and goal.


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