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I Ching For Today- 16 August 2022

You have devoted yourself to make things happened up to now, so if today you have a bit of difference in the way of thinking or perspective from people surround you, just take it as another opinion that you need to weigh so you can progress beautifully.

There can be differences of opinion without being personal and that doesn't mean conflict, it maybe can bring you to see more in depth and understand the process.

Today, we get #38 DIVERSITY/OPPOSITION ( Huo Ze Kui ) -- Fire over Lake or Fire over Metal if we talk about element,

Lake is the accumulation of water, so when Fire meets Water you know how the energy works, fire flames upward and water flows downward, so yes naturally will take the energy in different direction, same as in life, everyone will have different opinions, different views, different styles, different perspectives but the key is we need to seek harmony out of this diversity,

If you see the core of this hexagram you will see it creates the already accomplished (#63) hexagram with fellowship/seeking harmony ( #13) as the "hugging" hexagram a.k.a Bao Di which means in the process we want to make this situation perfect , everything right in the position, all movement in the proper order -- condition of balance and ideal.

However, we also need to understand that in every perfect situation there will be also room for imperfection because we are already in the climax situation and every climax will alternate in different way. So adjust ourselves to make progress in small steps, work together, build a team, find a good network and in order to do this diversity is unavoidable.

And in these hexagrams (38-63-13) we can see that Fire plays a role here, so we can say also that try to have that passion and confidence up, make sure that you can present the best of you without forgetting on how to adjust so you won't burn yourself, watch out on the way you deliver your opinion-message, use proper and wise words as there is power in words, they can destroy or create.

Just a gentle reminder here : take note on every paperworks, documentations, agreements, contracts when you deal with one. Especially if it's related with the partnership, project collaboration, new networking, read it thoroughly and don't just follow the emotion when you want to sign it. Plan more on the long-term, list down the pros and cons as it can look very good but maybe won't be same when you are already in it.


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