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I CHING For September 2022

"A dream without action is called SLEEP. Action without a plan is called FAILURE. A dream with a plan of action is called SUCCESS" ~Tony Caskins

This September - Ji Rooster, we can look at the hexagram #56 TRAVELLING (Huo Shan Lu) Li over Gen or Fire over Earth if we talk about elements representative.

This hexagram have #55 ABUNDANCE as the "partner", when we are in abundance it denotes an outstanding and a lot of greatness, reputation, prominence and significance, which also means this situation won't last long if we cannot use and utilise all those correctly and wisely.

Remember that balance is good, one extreme will lead another extremes that only will lead to misery, won't give the real fulfilment. In life, when there is peaks, there will be valleys, so in this valleys moment, try to go out and explore new things, create new cycle.

Fire over Mountain gives us the image of sun rising over the mountains and both energy is going upward. Fire not only represents the bright and powerful force but also energy that can burn and destroy. To make sure the flame burns, fire need to keep moving and finding things to burn because when it doesn't move/stay in one place, the fire energy will be weaken.

From here, when we relate it with our life we understand that if you have passion and ideas but don't really give meaningful progress or you didn't do the action to make it happen, it gradually diminishes with the time. We also have to understand that Fire cannot exist on its own, it grows by changing and burning other substances.

So, this #56 TRAVELLING tells that we need to have balance on constructing gradually and systematically our foundation and principle to keep ourselves developed by creating new plan/strategy and then make a dash move to achieve it.

This month if we able to focus on ourselves -- represents by the lower trigram -- we will be able to have good achievement, analyse your initial plan before responding and proceed it confidently.


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