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I Ching Card #19

With today hexagram #36 alone where the sign of hope if we want to create one - begin with yourself first, casted card on I Ching Oracle and Fairies Message show that what you have plan, it will come to you. Bridge yourself with other in a good communication.

Surprisingly this #19 !and today hexagram of DIMMING LIGHT (#36) has the same outer trigram which is the KUN with slightly different interpretation. Simple way to understand is have a courage, passion and hope to do what you have plan and start communicating it well with others so the wavelength can be in one frequency and you will see the "outcome" that you want.

From the Fairies, looks like you will have "travel" soon that can give you an eye opener, to see things from different perspective to explore new experiences and discoveries. It also has a message of push yourself out from your comfort zone.

*I Ching divination card from Show & Tell Consulting together with the card-mat and tinbox

*Fairies Card from Doreen Virtue


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