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"Your biggest rival is yourself and therefore, the biggest victory is winning over your own shortcoming" ~ Aastha Jain

Are you sitting on your Rob Wealth ? Oh yes, only if you are Fire and Water Day Master! So, what's that mean?

If we are talking about Day Master and Companion (Friend & Companion), Fire & Water element which divide into Yang and Yin polarity will always sits on its different polarity.

For example :

Bing Horse Day Master will always sit on its Rob Wealth as Horse always brings Ding main energy while Ding Snake Day Master will always sit on its Rob Wealth because Snake always brings Bing energy.

One is the big sun and another one is small candle, there is no way for candle to shine in the day broad light. The candle only can shine at its best when the day is already in Rooster hour. So, this candle need more help on the environment itself.

So, if we talk about the character, Bing Horse Day Master will look bright, compassionate, active, passionate, bossy, "eyes on me" type but actually they are very understanding as they will work from within, they will try to give a light on people's way sincerely.

Different things when we look at the Ding Snake Day Master, it will have reverse character, looks like they are quite caring and like to "assist" but they will also force their way as they are quite complacent and I'm-all-alright-Jack type of character.

Fire elements are the elements that needs to keep moving so they can "shine" better, they need "something to burn", so they presence are acknowledged by others, to do this they need to continuously move and have something new to look up to.

Water element, on the other hand, for easy understanding, to have the accumulation of water you need one drop of water, so basically Gui ( Yin water) and Ren ( Yang Water) will need each other, the clear cut on these Yin and Yang won't be possible, not like the Fire element.

The things that make only these 2 elements carry their "rival" (from technical point of view) only because the Branches that carry Fire and Water elements, and also the energy of these 2 elements are constantly moving.

The other 3 elements, like Wood element - it constantly grows, it will grow to its max if the environment is correct. The Wood will not sit on its rival because it only have itself as a benchmark, whether Jia meets Yi and Yi meets Jia outside, it will only give them the push up to grow better and beautifully.

Same goes with the Earth element, the mountain and soil will only focus with themselves as they know they need each other, so competition for them is good and doesn't mean need to tackle one each.

Maybe a little bit different with Metal element, although they are also will sit on their own (as Day Master) but when they meet their rival, looks like Geng ( Yang Metal) will have more disadvantages as it will need to be formed and fabricated into Xin ( Yin Metal) so the Xin will be valued more.

With these all information, the next question that you have in your mind : is having Rob Wealth in your chart positive or negative?

Sometimes, yes you need the this aspect in your life, because by having this competitive attitude , we can discover what we are capable of, to push you to the limit, to bring out the "beast" inside you to be more aggressive. One thing that you need to continuously remember that don't let this grow TOO strong as it will flip the other side of the coins.

Try to look at your overall chart, to really know what is going on in your social circle, your working/business environment, your perspective and how you manage your relationship with others. What is your general outlook and how you display yourself for others to see. Between outer ( Year and Month) and inner (Day and Hour) are there any elements or 10 Gods that repeats -- as it can mean also that "character" quite "dominant" in you.


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