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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

"Action without thought is impulsiveness, thought without action is procrastination"

Today is unique and interesting day because today is another 22 on the date with 3 Rabbits on the stems and 3 different stems accompany them, for visual people like us please refer to below illustration.

Lets we analyse this chart one by one in very simple manner, shall we?

  • First, because our eyes will be more attracted in "interesting" object, when we see this illustration, the colour will get our attention, so... from the colour alone, we can see today is a lot of green colours that represent the Wood Element. When this earth (brown colour-earth element) surrounds by so many plants (green colour- wood element) with a limited water ( blue black colour-water element), what will happen to this earth, we can imagine it for now to get our own perspectives.

  • Pivot your focus only to the Day pillar now, which is today - JI RABBIT, the Ji alone has the characteristic of kindness, giving, self-sacrificing, possessive, resourceful, easy to get tired, and a lot of worries. While the Rabbit which carries the Yi wood characteristic (Rabbit is also one of the Peach Blossom star) that has the attributes of attractiveness, approachable, gentle, elegant, determined, strong will but also manipulative, melodramatic, and low self-esteem as it needs people's validation.

When we give the "actions/activities" plan to this element, Yi wood will become the 7K of this Ji earth Day Master, because everything that controls the Day Stem will be the Influence of that Stem. With the same polarity that these two elements hold, the Yi wood then becomes the "Indirect Officer"** a.k.a 7-Killings of this Ji earth.

Now, we need to connect all the information : The Ji Rabbit character is someone who looks nurturing, giving, and quite resourceful but also has the strong determination and courage to conquer and win which makes her quite interesting for the people who works with her and that's alone can level up her likability. The negative traits only sometimes she puts a lot of emotions and unnecessary feelings also needs the validation on everything that she does from others.

**How to memorise whether it will be the Indirect or Direct on your COWIR ( Companion Output Wealth Influence Resource) just take one side. If Indirect -- same polarity.

Yin earth sees Yin wood : indirect officer (7 Killings)

Yin wood sees Yin earth : indirect wealth (IW)

--Show & Tell in April will have Bazi Mastery Class which is more on the application base. Minimum requirements : understanding on the 5 elements-COWIR- and H2CDP ( Harm Clash Combination Destruction Punishment), if you do, you can register here

What's today insight that we need to be aware of then ? If we combine the stand-alone Day Pillar's information with the first information on the colour, looks like we need to have the clarity and calm mind, so we don't feel cornered and end up taking a wrong decision. The situation makes the Ji earth feels tired, busy, and exhausted, but if the Ji earth can reflect back to previous experiences, the gained-knowledge and at the ability to read on what's happening in this current situation, this Ji Rabbit will be able to handle it well.

Wisdom perspective for today, Hexagram #60 Limitation also talk about how we need to limit ourselves, we need to know when to stop, how to stop, and who to avoid as this can build up your self-care and self-esteem.

Before going further, we need to have a self-control, don't work out from impulsiveness as when we do it will lead to trouble and the trouble will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Focus and manage on ourselves first, so then we can give others more beneficial result as we give from positive and abundance manner.


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