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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

"Intuition is your soul whispering the truth to your heart and hoping that you hear" ~Kate Spencer

Let's continue to talk about the Gui...

Gui Ox : This formation if only see the main Qi, looks like will be same like Gui Goat - sits on Ji Earth which very nurturing, caring and also resourceful. The differences between these two are the on the side Qi - Gui Water and Xin Metal, respectively, which makes this Gui Ox becomes more mysterious as well as super sensitive, Don't try to do things that "shakes" their image and persona, they can feel agitate and uneasy.

When we see from the 10 Gods, this Ji Earth becomes the Indirect Officer ( famous term : 7-Killings) with the Indirect Resource and Companion as the side Qi. The Indirect Resource gives this Gui Ox the ability to learn unconventional way, intuitive, quite observant so they will aware on the fluctuate, direction of movement of what happening currently. While the Companion makes them more "comfortable" feeling when people that they are dealing with is in the same level, not really can outshine them, but if really is, they will very try their best to "upgrade". These all also because we count in the elements that represent these "attitude".

** For the Health matter, maybe this Gui Ox need to pay attention more on the kidney, balancing, headache, migraine also respiratory**

Gui Pig : here comes the competitor/big brother, the Ren Water, the smart, intelligent but also irrational and emotional. When these 2 "siblings" meet together, the Gui Pig people are quick-witted and sharp but on the downward sides will have more emotional, culpability, insignificant feeling because they will try to "compete" not with themselves (to grow) but more on the social comparison bias, try to compare their lesser qualities with others' best qualities especially if the Gui itself is a "weak" and not in healthy condition.

In 10 Gods terms, this Gui Pig sits on Rob Wealth energy. Rob Wealth in people matter can be someone that has different sex, status, thinking, level or can be also a partner, competitor, challenger, opponent, rival if we relate it to working/business matter. It also can represent expenses, costs, spending power. That's why if the Gui is "strong" and healthy this Rob Wealth can give this Gui more perspective to upgrade own self but if it's weak it will lead this Gui into low self-confident.

Gui Rooster : the most curious and inquisitive pillar, in a negative connotation and unhealthy position this pillar is quite a nosy and busybody type. This Gui sits on its Indirect Resource (in 10 Gods term) which makes this Gui Rooster aspire to gain more knowledge, new explorations, new experiences not with conventional and formal education but more on the seeing, observing, asking questions, etc.

From all these 6 Yin-Yin elements, other than Gui Rabbit, Gui Rooster also sits on the one element. It makes the focus is more concentrated, follow-through type, finished the job before starting new tasks, perfectionist, precision

**To make metal "produces" water , you need the metal to be heated and cooled. So, if your natal chart have a Ding Fire, it quite a good sign**

To make the reading complete, we cannot read based only on one pillar. We need to see the whole chart as one ( Year-Month-Day-Hour and also the Luck Pillar) so we can "diagnose" and understand better.


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