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"Know your purpose. Feel it. When you go off the path, your intuition will guide you back on sometimes with a tickle, sometimes with a cattle prod" ~Rochelle Chartrand

After talking about Yang-Yang formation on the last 2 blogs, today we will give example on Yin-Yin formation. Same like the Yang element, in Bazi 60 Pillar, every 5 Yin element or Heavenly Stems ( Yi-Ding-Ji-Xin-Gui) will be accompanied by 6 Yin animal sign or Earthly Branches ( Goat-Snake-Rabbit-Ox-Pig-Rooster), so in total we will have 30 Yin-Yin formation.

Together with the 30 Yang-Yang formation then we can form Bazi 60-Pillar.

In these 6 Yin animals or Earthly Branches, only 2 animals that will carry Yang element -- always the fire and water --Snake and Pig which carry Bing Fire and Ren Water, respectively.

Like the example on Jia, we will also see how this Gui "appearance" when it combines with the other element that it sits on.

** For people that understand the Na Jia or I Ching, may be you will understand why we start the Earthly Branches by the Goat first**

Gui Goat : elementally, this Gui sits on the Ji Earth energy as the main Qi which has the nurturing, caring, resourceful as well as secretive and egoistical characteristics. By 5 Element Cycle's theory, Water being controlled by Earth but in this pillar, when these 2 elements meet together, they will "control" or "effect" each other.

They will find that sometimes it refreshing as one drop of the water means a lot to dry soil but also in the same time it will become "muddy" when the Gui also is not in the "right" amount. Accompanied by Yi Wood energy which will absorb the Gui water and also at the same time will "give birth" to the Ding Fire where this small fire will give continuous support to the Ji Earth, this cycle will make the Ji Earth quite strong to either stay nurture or egoistic. That's why the Gui water needs to be in the correct "level" as well.

In 10 God terms, this Ji Earth acts as Indirect Officer or more famous with the name of 7-Killings ; the courage, brave, decision-maker, problem-solver, aggressive, precision. Together with the Yi Wood as Eating God and Ding Fire as Indirect Wealth, this will make Gui Goat have a lot of imaginations, skills, talents and ideas to create their own opportunities if they are brave enough to make decisions and become others problem solver.

Gui Snake : This pillar is the pillar where the outer and inner are different. Elementally, they look quite adaptive, refreshing and can follow others because the Gui on the top, but deep down, because of the Snake carries the Bing Fire energy, they will have their own routine, they own standard, very high responsibilities and they only do things if can give them a purpose and value, want all the attention only with them, self-righteous. Together with the Wu Earth which always supported by the Bing Fire so that it will give the Gui more on "direction" and the Geng Metal which will be "end result" of this cycle that always support the Gui [fire-earth-metal-then water].

In 10 God terms, This Gui Snake sits on all the "D" -Direct Wealth, Direct Officer and Direct Resource-- Bing Fire, Wu Earth and Geng Metal, respectively. With these energy, this Gui Snake people are a non-stop learner to give the best so they can build their competence and rapport only that sometimes because it has different polarity on the inner and outer sometimes what it looks and happen inside can be quite different, especially if the Gui is not is the "healthy" level, the sun power will eventually subside.

Gui Rabbit : this Gui sits on the Yi Wood, it will give the continuously support to this Yi Wood to grow, become beautiful and charming as well as feel weak, diverge from the truth and mislead. You can imagine if the water given is more than what this Yi Wood needs or vice versa.

in 10 Gods terms, Yi Wood here acts as Eating God, the creative, the innovator, the story teller, the imaginative creature, love and enjoy good things. So when, the Gui water is overloaded, we cannot deny that Yi Wood's negative traits will more visible rather than the good.

All the elements will have a positive and negative traits, by knowing this "information" and "education" on astrology -- western or eastern -- we can have more awareness so we can balance it and have a growth mindset to become better everyday. be continued


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