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Let’s delve into QiMen’s technical aspects for February. The Doors move one step anti-clockwise, while the Stars advance two steps. This suggests a situation akin to pulling back an arrow to build momentum for the right moment.

Today, our focus is on Business and Opportunity. We’ll examine the Life and Open Door in the North and West. In business, it’s crucial to be persistent and assertive, but also to communicate carefully. Over-emphasizing emotions or trivial matters could worsen problems. Referencing past documents or agreements can help solve issues. Ensure contracts are flexible to accommodate changes, avoiding any loss for involved parties.

Considering the hexagram formed by the stars and doors, we see a large water formation, indicating external pressure. This calls for resilience and persistence, though challenging, it’s achievable.

Opportunities look promising, but only for those with the necessary resources, knowledge, skills, and creativity. Preparedness is key, whether it’s in your resume, portfolio, or other documents. The hexagram suggests taking action towards your goals; even if results differ from expectations, it’s better than not trying at all. However, lacking resources can pose a dilemma in responding to opportunities.

This analysis aligns with yesterday’s Bazi perspective, emphasizing the need for the right tools to create desired value.

Advanced practitioners can delve deeper into Bazi by considering the Month and Hour Pillars or examining the Destiny box or Wealth & Career palace in their Qimen Destiny.

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