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In just a few days, we're entering a time symbolized by the powerful Dragon and the strong Tiger.

Technically speaking, this period brings together Bing 丙 (representing Yang Fire) in the Stem position and the Tiger, symbolising Yang Wood (Jia 甲) as Main Qi and Yang Earth (Wu 戊) - Yang Fire ( Bing丙) as Side Qi in the Branch position.

This unique combination indicates a need for fresh, innovative ideas to create new opportunities and add value.The market is ready, but it requires persistence and determination to succeed.

This time is dominated by the Fire element, followed by Wood, suggesting a surge of energy that must be harnessed wisely. It's like balancing the brightness of the sun with the shade of trees: too much brightness can be overwhelming, but the right balance allows us to move towards our goals comfortably.

In practical terms, this means equipping ourselves with the right tools to create something useful and valuable.

For those with the Monkey sign in their chart, particularly in the Month position, it's a good time to adjust and adapt to the market's dynamics.

However, to understand exactly what adjustments are needed, you'll need to consider your Day Master and the Stem accompanying the Monkey for a more detailed perspective.

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