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Dui Gua has 2 YANG lines and 1 YIN line on the top. The YANG lines on the bottom symbolize one’s inner principle and strength and the YIN represent the kind, gentle and joyful character.

When talks about Sector and Direction it is on the WEST and represents the numbers of 2 on Early Heaven Bagua and 7 on Later Heaven Bagua.

The West in 5 Element system also represents Metal but for this metal is more representing on precious metal and jewelry. The characteristics :like to enjoy life, chatting and communicating with others, enjoy good food and have fine taste also like to be the center of attraction.

Looking at the people perspective, it represents youngest daughter, lawyer, singer, artist, entertainer, interpreter and people who use communication especially verbally to convey their message to others

This Dui Trigram also associated with mouth, throat, ENT, tongue, teeth, immune system, hair and also allergies when we talk about Health related problem.

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