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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

"The submarine, the single, most powerful and most capable mobile weapons platform you will never see until it's too late"

Today is Wednesday 15th, with the Ren Monkey on the Day Pillar, Initiate Day Officer and Hexagram #7 Officer. What is the "inside story" that we all need to know about today as it's already the mid day of this month of March.

We can imagine a submarine when we talk about Ren Monkey, the Ren water on the surface looks very calm while deep inside the Geng Metal that carries by the Monkey start working nonstop silently and full of focus with all the resources, so when it times to attack or take action, it can move with confidence and precision.

The look or appearance of this Ren Monkey is very poised, calm, and composed, so sometimes people around this Ren Monkey will lose their preparedness.

Let's look on the technical** part now :

  • Monkey brings the Geng Metal as its main qi, Wu Earth and Ren Water as the side qi.

From here, we can say that this Monkey alone already full of resource and very creative because the Wu Earth (Resource) produces Geng Metal and the Geng Metal produces the Ren Water (Output)

  • Now, we link the Heaven Stems and Earth Branches -- this Geng Metal ( Branches) produces the Ren Water on the Stems, so this is the main reason why this Ren Monkey is resourceful, knowledgeable, full of experiences.

With the Wu Earth acts as the 7Killings for this Ren Monkey, it has the courage to execute the plan, persistent, and determined to make the attack. While the other Ren Water as the side qi acts as the Friend, this Ren Monkey has the strong sense of self - know about oneself in and out, about their own goals, values, and ideas.

** Show & Tell will have a Ba Zi Mastery class this coming April which focus more on application. Minimum Requirements : 5 elements, H2CDP, COWIR ( Companion Output Wealth Influence Resource)

After knowing about all these information on this Ren Monkey, we can say that today maybe the time for you to initiate to do something, gather more information to plan and strategise with all the resource that you have so when it's time for you to attack, you will move with confidence and faith that you can conquer the situation well.

Make sure that people working together with you feel secured as they know that they work on the same wavelength, aim same and certain goal.


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