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Meet the dynamic duo of the 10 Stems and 12 Branches: Jia and the Rat. Together, they radiate strong leadership vibes and an unwavering commitment to growth.

These two don't easily back down; they show strength, stability, and a grounded demeanor. Voicing their preferences boldly, they're on a constant journey of learning and exploration for continuous growth.

Though steady growth may stress Jia Zi a bit, it doesn't mean they'll stop. Jia Zi marks the starting point for the entrance into the year of Jia Dragon 2024. For a glowing and smooth 2024, December 2023 calls for continuous forward movement despite obstacles.

Embrace challenges as intriguing elements that add color to your journey. In December, sharing knowledge, whether through teaching, coaching, or simple social media shares, enriches not just others but also ourselves.

For those with Jia Horse, Bing Horse, Wu Horse, Geng Horse, or Ren Horse in their month chart, a slight "tuning" might be needed for a smoother journey. What needs tuning can be deciphered based on your Day Master or through a perspective reading with the Month Pillar.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's readings on all the 10 Stems for December. Wishing you all a fantastic day!


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