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"The Law of Love, call it attraction, affinity, cohesion if you like, governs the world" ~Mahatma Gandhi

In a Destiny Reading - in this case we will talk from BaZi perspective - there will a lot of things we can see. To make the reading simpler and easier, just focus on the area that you want to know, for today we will (again) see on the Relationship area.

Relationship always a complex yet interesting topic to discuss as it involves a lot of components - people, emotion, character, weakness, strength, personality, temperament, desire and affinity. Have you ever wondered why you can be so "click" to someone even you only meet this person for the first time? or you feel that you can understand and know someone so well as if both of you have been friends for ages although you have just met?

The answers for these questions are AFFINITY - the feeling of similarity to something/someone, to connect, to have a chemistry - which we can spot on our BaZi destiny chart by looking at all the four pillars and match it with the 60 Pillars configurations.

The rules to understand what how this affinity works are :

  • first, you need to know what is the the Four Pillars represents.

  • second, you need to identify that there are 6 groups in 60 Pillars which always lead by the mighty and kind JIA

  • third, then you just mix and match your Four Pillars and the 60 Pillars

  • last step , now you will identify which Pillars fall into same group

Let's take example on below illustration, in this example, the Four Pillars fall into different groups in 60 Pillars, means he/she consider lucky because he/she has more chances to create a connection in all four aspects in his/her life to meet or even get help from other people - from his/her social network, his/her business/working place, his/her spouse/partner/family/extended family/household or his/her subordinate/mentees - represent by year, month, day and hour, respectively.

This year 2022 Ren Tiger belongs to JIA HORSE group which is same with his/her Hour Pillar, so we can deduce and conclude that his/her connectivity, similarity, assistance will come more from his/her subordinate, staff, kids, students or anyone that can give different perspectives for him/her.

After knowing which Pillars will give you more chances then you need to know on how and what to do next. To have affinity as the initial step is good, you can consider yourself lucky. But, if you cannot make use that connection to create something that you need or go into the next step, it's consider unlucky.

Still with this example, now we know that his/her Hour Pillar "connect" with the year 2022 and even to the next 2023 Gui Rabbit, so what he/she needs to do is to learn from his/her competitors/connection/social circle on how to be more discipline and organised, have strong determination and moral compass in doing things so it can become his/her own image that he/she can display in the public.

You can now check your own Destiny Chart and people around you, if you have affinity with them, next thing you need to know is which Pillars and how you can work it well so it can give you and that people benefit mutually.

***To make the reading more comprehensive, we need to read all four pillars in our destiny chart and all the interactions among that four pillars - Harm, Clash Combination, Destruction and Punishment (H2CDP) - the element factors, the 10 Gods factors and that four pillars represent.


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