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"Courtesy is the obedience of principle to what is proper. Righteousness is the accordance of actions with what is right"

Today is special day especially if we refer to the "number". Today is 10 on the date and also #10 on the Hexagram with Close Day.

10 symbolises the completion of a circle day, in mathematical 10 is the base decimal numeral system, and also 10 is the very first digit that uses 2 digits.

In Tarot, 10th card is Wheel of Fortune that represents elevation, success, fortune. And every 10 in the Tarot represents destruction, contentment, prosperity, abundance, and overload burden which you have the choice whether you want to drop it all and walk as you are not attached or chained with that burden.

So relate it to the 12-officer day, the Close Day, we can close the bad chapter of our life should start now, today, in this very moment and do it with respect and good manners. So, we can have new, fresh, comfortable and move forward chapter in your life.

With these all information, it is very special, right? Now let's see what the perspective that we can get from I Ching.

The Hexagram #10, Tread or Fulfillment, wants to remind us on the importance of courtesy and righteousness. An ancient saying goes, "Courtesy is the obedience of principle to what is proper. Righteousness is the accordance of actions with what is right". In life, we will face a difficult situation, how we respond and carry out one's ideal are very important. Treat people the way we want to be treated ourselves, don't try to be any more or less, so whenever we make a mistake, we still can get that forgiveness.

The inner (Lower Trigram), the line no 2 shows that character is strong and it's not correspond with the line no 5 on the top, since both of them is Yang line. When we see it as a whole, Dui gua, it represents joyful, happy feeling, also childish and irresponsible (sometimes) so needs to know when the time need to involve or not, stay aloof and detached from other's problem. Only then it can correspond better with the line no 5 on the top.

The 1 Yin line which stands alone with all the 5 Yang lines surrounded it, can represents how tough the situation will be, which can create uncomfortable feeling. But, this Yin line with its quality, it can overcome the situation very well by know its own place and how to respond it softly and low-key approach.

In summary, in a tough and hard situation, have our mind and soul cool down first, so we can think better and treat others the way we want to be treated. We need to be able to respond softly, with manner and courtesy, not recklessly and impetuously. If we really need to close the bad chapter, close it beautifully and gracefully.


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