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Reveal on PICK-A-CARD for 27 August - 2 September 2023 :

CARD 1 :

Overall energy for a week ahead will be on Hexagram #53 where you need to have a steady step when you make a movr. Do not underestimate the situation, make sure that you have enough "resources" that you need. And even if you have taken the action, make sure that you have strong commitment and dedication to do till the end and also to consider other steps and route if needed.

Universe will be with you, if you are able to attune and accomodate to what is happening around you. Don't be too bull-headed and obstinate. Be mote compasionate and forgiving.

CARD 2 :

Hexagram #64 will be your energy's theme, be observant,  meticulous,  and recognize on the things that maybe still can become your potential pitfall and problem.

Do not ignore any signs that might be appeared, trust your inner light and voice. Have a faith with your ntuition and second "brain" .

Even this "LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE" cards repeat 2 times [ Centre and The Lotus Throne].

If you can acknowledge all this, only then you can lead better, plan the strategy, and  have a real support from people that around you.

CARD 3 :

You need to understand fully of the give and take rule that speaks from this Hexagram #31. Be sincere, genuine, and forthrught when you build your communication with others.

If you currently have something that blocked your movement to go forward, clear it up once and for all.

Open your heart and willing to detach all the emotional burden, mistakes, failure so that you can create the momentum to go on full speed and leave things that aren't working behind you so that you can grasp the opportunity.

CARD 4 :

Don't be too complacent is the Eenergy 's theme from Hexagram #63, you can celebrate your "winning" but  don't lose your guard, you need to prepare your next move where your level now is already upgraded.

Time to assess the situation, shift your  "rest and "relax" vibration into  "active and growth" vibration but in balanced mode. Be harmony with the flow, remain calm so you will nlt overburden yourself.

Like I Ching always reminds us that Things Will Go Opposite When They Become Extreme. Use the timing wisely.


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