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There is a saying that "it's not just YOUR GENES, it's the CUMULATIVE influence of your friends' and surroundings' gene" that build your character, respond, perspective and attitude.

So, to understand oneself very deeply so you can (at least) have your own principle in making decision or respond to something are very crucial. In a Destiny Chart ( in this case a BaZi Reading), the Day Pilar will take up almost 75%-85% of your overall characteristic and if we divide the 4 Pillars into 2 section, the Day Pillar can represent the age after (plus minus) 35-45 years old and also our inner personality that people only can find out when in the later stage maybe by communicating more or spending more time together.

Although, in some charts between the inner and outer - Hour/Day and Month/Year, respectively will show similar traits which means what this person portray on the outer and inner are almost the same - no hidden or shock behaviour.

Today, we will analyse the Day Pillar where the Day Master ( the Stem on the top) sitting on the Resource. For Example, (do it in sequence) : the Jia Zi , Yi Hai, Bing Yin, Ding Mao, Wu Wu...can you find the rest?

In General, these Day Masters are quite nurturing, meaning they are caring, attentive, and encourage others for their growth and development. They are quite genuine in helping someone and hope that others can genuinely benefit from that. They will try to be fully present, provide comfort when sought, give physical affection when needed, and usually they are quite modest and humble.

But, if you are one of these Day Masters, you also need to understand that balance and harmony are important, Yin and Yang must be equally developed. When you give so much, you also need to receive the same amount. Before helping others, you have to make sure that you are in a healthy state so what you give out will become "blessing" to you and also others.

Let's we take one example from the Day Masters :

the JIA ZI, this Zi - Rat, brings the Gui Water, when Stems and Hidden Stems that brought by Earthly Branches have different polarity, it will carry the "D" - Direct in front of the structure ( except for Output/Offsprings and Companion).

  • Water produces the Wood, so in this case the Rat which brings Gui Water produces the Jia Wood, that's why this Gui Water is the RESOURCE to the Jia Wood

  • What kind of Resource ? Because it carries different polarity -- Jia is Yang Wood, while Gui is Yin Water, so this is the DIRECT RESOURCE

[**remember, this is only one pillar "reading", you need to have adequate knowledge and understanding that we need all the 4 Pillars and its interactions when do a reading on Destiny Chart]

For this Jia Zi now we can dissect that by Resource alone, he/she quite giving, caring, share what he/she thinks necessary for other people to learn from them. If we want to make it into a smaller focus, this Resource is a Direct Resource which means their approach quite conventional type, I talk-you listen, I provide-you follow, in short it's like Mother's authority and power type.

When look at the element that attach with this Resource -- in this case is Water and Gui Water in particular, it's sometimes quite temperament, sensitive and unresponsive especially when you overruled them and they will try in that what their suggestion being followed (of course with a very gentle and persuasive way).

Because the Day Master is also the pillar where your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend reside, you have this expectation because you are like this. So, when the expectation didn't match, can you guess what happen?

That's also one of the reason why you need to understand yourself fully and acknowledge that to have what you expect (at least) come true, you need to communicate it well so the other party also will comprehend it. As relationship is really two-ways communication.


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