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Today's Energy 17 August 2023 :

[Western] Moon in Leo -- you need to listen to your heart, be honest and trutful, forgive the past so you can keep on going confidently and positively.

[ Eastern] casted card : Hexagram #39 is the overall energy reading for today

Try to be attentive and responsible, put your emotion in control. Have self-realization. Choose your direction. Choose your own peace. Look inside yourself and ask for help from others when needed. This time for your to plan and do one thing at a time.


Remain calm. Take deep breath [4-7-8 breathing method]. Don't let your emotions and feelings overwhelm you and people around you.


Although it has the indication of blockage but see it as a designated direction. You must keep on track. Be more creative. Be a problem solver. Every small steps count. You can pause but not stop.


Be empathetic toward others .Embrace partnership and friendship. Stay loyal. Accept others openly and without any judgement.


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