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This May for those who have Pig in their Natal Chart, what do you need to prepare ?

The May 2022 pillar overall is a “vocal” pillar with a strong focus and good determination to aim for what you have listed in your to-do list book.

So if in your chart you have Pig ( especially if it is in Month Pillar -- means you were born in November up to early December or in Hour Pillar means you were born between 21.00-22.59) which carries Ren as the main Qi and Jia as the side Qi, it will then form a “change”/ clash where you are forced to learn from your competitor on how to make yourself noticeable or acknowledged so you can working toward your goals.

A Clash sometimes for a start can be uncomfortable, and you have to admit that any changes bad or good sometimes we will be a bit reluctant but along the way when you are no more trying to against it, it will be “normal” again.

On the other hand for the big picture, everyone who has Pig on his Natal Chart will have a Destruction as well as a Combination relationship with this Tiger Year.

The destruction itself means you will need to do different approaches toward the same goals. Then you can try to make a change voluntarily ( Combination).

Try to see things differently, have a broad vision, and mingle with the different networks so you can find more opportunities door for you to respond. When you are too rigid and have inflexibility to change your strategy usually it is also hard for you to have the change that you want.

So for this May, people with Pig in their Natal Chart will have quite a busy month especially if they want to have an improvement in their journey.


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