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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

This May 2022, for those who have Monkey in their chart either it’s in the Year, Month, Day, or Hour on your Natal chart, maybe this information can be useful for you.

The Monkey alone combined with Snake ( this Month’s Earthly Branches or widely known as Animals Sign ) will attract the opportunities and the courage to make a decision among your network/social interactions so that you can create your value.

When we see overall stems and branches and want to know about people matter, this combination also talks about attraction between the spouse stars with a little bit of some disputes due to different perspectives in seeing things.

The monkey furthermore creates a CLASH situation with the Tiger on the Year where there will be a change and it will involve in “movement”, maybe you will have a change in your working area -- move to a different department or even maybe need to handle different region, or you can get a relationship ( for those who haven't into a relationship) with people not in your area so that requires you to move and it is possible also that you have a different social network from what you have currently involved in.

For this year also, if possible not do any adventure that boosts your adrenaline.

When these 3 Animals' signs meet together, it will then create the UNGRATEFUL PUNISHMENT situation where you are criticizing people who are not showing thanks to someone who has helped them or done a favor but remember these things also work both ways. The solution for this Punishment is don't expect something from others in return. "Don't give to get, give to inspire others to give" - Simon Sinek


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