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Influence is essential in the Ba Zi profile, representing the dynamic interplay between order and adaptability, structure, and fluidity.

It highlights the importance of external energies in shaping our paths and pushing us towards growth and completion.

Embracing both influences allows for a balanced approach to life, acknowledging the need for both structure and the ability to adapt to change.

In simple visualization, just imagine this:

Influence comprises two forces: the orderly teacher, who ensures meticulous planning and perseverance, and the adaptable friend, who encourages flexibility, spontaneity, and risk-taking.

The orderly teacher helps us stay on course and overcome challenges, while the adaptable friend teaches us to go with the flow, think on our feet, and make prompt decisions.

These external energies shape our growth and push us to become better.

To live a balanced life, we must embrace both forces, recognizing when to be disciplined and when to be flexible.

• By welcoming both influences, we can navigate life's challenges more smoothly and achieve our goals in a well-rounded and fulfilling way.


• Influence on physical health encompasses environmental factors and lifestyle choices like diet, exercise, and air quality.

• Influence on mental health involves psychological and emotional impacts from interactions and situations, including stress and support.


Men's chart : influence is seen in their children, who bring out a different side of them.

Women's chart : influence is viewed through their husbands, impacting their decisions and behaviors.

In the workplace, influence comes from the boss, who sets rules, guides, and challenges employees to meet standards and shape their careers, government, officers, judge.

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