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Transformation is an ongoing process that tends to appear ordinary, when, in fact, something extraordinary is taking place" ~ Suzy Ross

Based on yesterday's poll, we will talk about today, 7 June 2023 based on Bazi, I Ching, and Qimen perspective. What do we need to be aware of and what do we need to advance on.

Bazi Perspective :

Bing Shen is one of the 60-Pillars that sits on its own Intelligence star, it doesn't mean if a person have this in his chart, means he is a genius. It only means he has the ability to grasp the concept easier and collect more data faster to turn it into information so he can also decide better.

Technically : this Bing - originally has the attributes of passionate, enthusiasm, driven, assertiveness, and charisma. Don't forget also that it is hard for Bing to do things out of the the routine, feeling a bit "bossy" , and enjoy being in the spotlight.

Accompany by the Geng, Wu and Ren with the Indirect Wealth (IW), Eating God (EG), and 7-Killings (7K), respectively, we can "feel" this pillar gives the sense of active movement, action taker and will try to create its own possibilities with the ideas, talents, and broad-thinking that it has. Combined all these attributes, this Bing Shen then have the ability to make decision quickly and effectively without any hesitation or doubt, even in the critical moment.

When acknowledging the positive aspects of traits, it's essential to also recognise and be aware of its potential negative side. This Bing Shen sometimes will have the moment of fear to take the opportunity or chance just because fear that the decision will fail especially when the information collected didn't really give the confidence. It also has the tendency to think from impulsiveness and lose focus.

So, this Bing Shen needs to learn how to balance their enthusiasm and energy, to stay calm, have the systematic-approach, and build up the discipline for long-term goals.

I Ching Perspective :

Bing Shen when translates into hexagram, it will carry the Hexagram #40 Relief. It's composed by two Trigrams: Zhen (Thunder) gua over Kan (Water) gua. Kan gua usually represents danger, wisdom, and knowledge depends on how we want to look at it, while Zhen gua is more on the abrupt and sudden movement, change of situation, transformation, and energy.

When these 2 meets together with this formation, it reminds us that it will have a change and fast transformation which usually quite challenging but also it will offer the guidance on how we can go through this situation. Self introspection is needed here, we need to re-evaluate whether our perspective, beliefs, attitudes, and action give the contribution the situation that we face currently. Also truly understand that timing plays the important part, go advance when the time is right, plan and pause when the time is not beneficial. Do not force things.

Qimen Perspective :

while the month energy is double stack same like in Bazi and even Feng Shui, this particular day, it has different energy setting. For today maybe wee need to give our attention more on the strategy and how we will make our connection with people around us.

Basically, today we need to try to break down our existing ideas, structures, or situation like the I Ching also suggested. By breaking down the "old", it will create a path for new ideas to come in, be more adaptable with the inputs, critics, perspectives. We also need to cautious and discerning when faced with choices which seem attractive but could potentially lead to missteps.

Building connection with others should be approached with care and integrity, prioritise things, and don't only focus on personal gains. To have a plan, purpose, openness, mutual respect and build the trust will ensure your connection align with the value and goals also balanced relationship. Pay attention on current circumstances, observe the dynamic situations and act accordingly


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