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In Chinese Metaphysics, understanding your destiny starts with learning about the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

To grasp the basics of this metaphysical journey and how it influences our life path, we'll begin with Wood, known as 甲 (Jia) in Chinese.

We'll explore the energy of Wood, how it functions, and how its cycle of creation can be integrated into our daily lives and overall life journey.

Wood Energy : ascending [ symbolise growth and upward movement]

Representation : new beginning, expansion, pushing forward, expand & contract with changes in humidity,  overcoming obstacles, thriving, and resilience

When it is imbalance :

Inflexibility, stubbornness, rigid attitude, impulsiveness & aggressive characteristics, stress and tension

These characteristics of wood are essential to grasp on their own before we see how they interact with other elements to shape our life's narrative.

Imagine how having wood in your destiny chart could benefit you: it offers two paths—either to grow and branch out or to dedicate yourself to helping others.

 Regardless of the choice, there will be "growing pains" involved. But it's these challenges that make life interesting, don't you think?


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