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"When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another - and ourselves" ~Jack Kornfield

We have given the reading for October 2022 from the Bazi perspective, now we would like to give the reading from the perspective of I Ching which usually is more on the wisdom part as I Ching - 64 Hexagrams is actually the sequence of our life, what we will face in our life, the ups and downs.

So, we know that Geng Dog is the one of the Fui Kong Star which is the strongest and toughest and to become one, you will definitely face more struggles, obstacles and hindrance. As the saying goes that "every pain gives a lesson and every lesson changes a person".

This Geng Dog represents by the Hexagram #12 Stagnation/Stand Still, the composition of the hexagram is Qian- Heaven on the top and Kun-Earth is on the below is like what it's meant to be. The heaven behaves as heaven and the earth behaves as earth. This composition gives us the outlook of static situation unlike the previous Hexagram #11 Unity that is more dynamic type which will try to find the way to make both parties to achieve mutual understanding.

It is important that sometimes we need to have a focus on oneself and keep composure while making the progress so the goals can be achieved. This hexagram #12 story line even also represents Development, but then again in life, we need to be balance, the duality situation, when we have that perseverance and determination usually we also will become quite stubborn, fixation and selfish that's what this Hexagram #12 represents.

This hexagram #12 also represents someone who are very active on the outlook but actually they will keep on planning/directing/managing on what to do next.

To make "balance" and "harmonious" situation, we need to have adjustment on inner-self first, meaning, we try to more considerate, don't think of only on personal gain so we can embrace others based on understanding without really losing your own focus, so we can "jump" to the next hexagram #13 Fellowship.

If you are I Ching practitioner or lovers, you also will understand that to aim a good result, this Hexagram #12 needs to do "more things" /"more steps" which always start with you, yourself.

1. To aim #13 Fellowship which is the next sequence, you need to have 2 steps and

2. To aim #63 Accomplished, you also need to flip the line 1-4 and 3-6.

although these 2 steps didn't even touch the "man" line but when you get these 2 steps the trigram change into the Li trigram which represents passionate, compassion, give people light, happiness, embraces, inspiring characters.

Elementally speaking, the Earth change into Fire, the stubbornness, egoistical change into appealing, charming, delightful where (of course) need to be learned and exercised everyday without losing the focus to constant growth and development.

(*ignore this paragraph if you find it quite difficult to follow)

In conclusion, this month of October you need to be able to know your place, yourself, where you stand and how you want to portray yourself but also learn to be more mindful and attentive to others as well so you can move forward comfortably.


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