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After looking at the energy of August from Bazi and I Ching perspective, now let's visit the Qi Men perspective also for strategy purposes. To see from Qi Men's "spectacles", it's better if we have at least the knowledge on the original location of the 8 Doors, 9 Stars and Element of the Palace so we can connect the dots well.

For forecasting purposes, basic explanation at least can help to read on the surface level, but sometimes we need to consider other related factor also such as the Door is currently "controlled" or not and what kind of people we're dealing when see the Element related to the palace, etc. That's why the position and the "meaning" on the components in Qimen you should at least knew well. For this monthly perspective, you also can reflect back to your own Destiny chart to have the reading more focus and right on the spot that you need to work on.

So, this is how you can try to do: focus first on what you need to aim this month ( it can be wealth, job, health or maybe relationship), so when you read the monthly perspective, your reading should be related to what you focus on only then you can try to relate to your Destiny to connect the link.

This month of August looks like we need to be "strong/equipped" enough to create /build/produce things that we need as things that you expect to happen can be not like what exactly what you want especially in the business/creating value/making money related field and feeling reluctant to do things because plays more on the emotional feeling.

We need to understand that to produce something, a strong foundation needed, this including how you gain the data, knowledge, information, do the research and also learn from previous experiences.

This is not a one night tasks, but has to build step by step and because now you have entered the second term of this 2022, you really need to re-evaluate and tune things so it can favours you. This second half of the year actually we need to focus more on how we deliver it to the market so the acknowledgment and recognition gained and we can have more resource to achieve our goal faster because now market and you will be in the same frequency.

The activities/actions this month also need to put some effort, determination as well as the persistency. Refer back to initial plan but focus more on long-term goal rather than short-term, put more attention on the paperwork and any potential danger that you can "intuitively" sense but you ignored it just because you think you know more than you need also you will have tendency to react rather than to respond.

For Business related matter, the situation will be quite hard if you don't want to explore on new thing, expect the unexpected and learn how to handle it. But, the result will be better and have an improvement or "development" if you want to spend more money to acquire new skills and be more adaptive to a change so you get out from your "comfort zone"



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