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We have given the reading on different perspective from different tools in Chinese Metaphysics for this August as this August quite special in formation: it marks as Ghost Month and also just happened it forms Heaven-Earth clash that makes everything looks like need to adapt to the change fast with a calm attitude so can make decision faster and precise to solve the problems.

Open your Qimen 2022 Chart and focus on the Southwest box where August month resides as well as Monkey Earthly Branch. We can see that a lot of danger/obstacles that obvious especially in the partnership/project collaboration or maybe your relationship with your love one.

From business/work/wealth perspective :You can conquer it for sure BUT don't do it with aggression but more on the calmness and clear thinking because it will "effect" your money/capital if you make a wrong move. Focus more on the root problem rather than you try to mix it into one.

This situation also because of the accumulation from several months before especially maybe in April where actually you need to clear it but you tend to growth flow although you know everything has the limit but you try to tolerate it instead of solving it.

This is when you see the global/major message from the 2022 perspective and when you layer it with the August 2022 chart, it will tell you that you need to listen more so you can respond better. Also because from the big picture we can see will have the problem with partnership/collaboration project so this month you need to more careful when you have the renewal on the contract agreement or sign new paperwork and don't be greedy just because you need to make your image good and talk properly everything regarding resource and money so the win-win solution can be achieved.

From the Hexagram perspective #40 on the big picture and #49 on the monthly, you need to know that there is for sure have some disagreement will happen this month, problem and obstruction even separation, so you need to keep the "passion", intention, sincerity aligned and just see more on the how to solve the root problem by observation, discussion first. Don't assume on things where will lead to your own thinking that the problem solved which actually haven't. When you've already done all this and the result still lead to something that not favourable to you, maybe you need to follow and understand that sometimes not everything can work in your way.

From the relationship perspective: just don't let your imagination go wild, you have the stamina but maybe your partner doesn't have. So talk it out and find the solution on how to deal with it. Don't talk about your relationship and sex-life to outside people as well. Maybe you can try to have long night talk with more on skin-ship when you want to have serious and solve the problem talk rather than shouting and throw things :))


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