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Time passes surprisingly quickly. We have reached August, second term and "second" month of this Year. So, what will we have as main course this August?

Let's have a look on what the I Ching perspective on this. The month of August 2022 has Wu (Yang Earth) as the Stem and Monkey as the Branch--we will talk about this separately on Bazi perspective for this month--which represented by Hexagram #59 : Huan - Dispersing. This Hexagram form by 2 "active/moving" trigrams : Xun on the outer and Kan on the inner.

We called it "active/moving" because Xun or Feng in Chinese and Wind in English existence can be felt only by movement and it has "penetrating" attribute while Kan or Shui in Chinese and Water in English will always flow toward low place and it has "danger" attribute. Both Wind and Water cannot be held or caught physically so it also explained that these two trigrams cannot be bound in one place and actively moving. And in this Hexagram, we can visualise ( like on the illustration below) that when the wind blows over the water and can make ripples or even waves on "smooth" water, it will depend on how strong is the wind. Most waves are commonly caused by the wind, right?

So, this hexagram reminds us that (for this month especially) that sometimes we need to scatter out instead of gathering in one place. Yes, when unite we will have the strength to overcome the difficulty, but sometimes we also realise that when we let people do their own small duties individually, it can also help to achieve the grand plan as a whole.

To make it simpler, the analogy maybe like this: if you want to have your house neat and tidy, instead of asking whole family just follow and do things together as per your command, why don't we let them do what they can do such as clean their own room, fold their own clothes, and wash their own dishes after having meal. This also will achieve the goal to have a cleaner house and with more peaceful environment.

This hexagram also tells us that be more flexible when do things but doesn't mean you follow everyone and everything without own principle. Let go yourself from egotism and arrogance, dissolve all the disputes and agreements in the spirit of humbleness and goodwill.

On the third illustration, you can see that there is Hexagram #27 Nourishing as the Mutual hexagram -- the process, the condition--this also shows that we need to have take care ourselves and others so we can get what we need to aim. It's including the way you communicate and deliver the message to others, always watch out with your words, once they are said, They can only forgiven but not forgotten.

**Every line on the hexagram can be changed to form into new hexagram (showed in the second and third illustrations) and it is better if you can just focus on the inner first as this means your thought, your foundation.


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