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Month of August is Wu ( Yang Earth) Monkey in Chinese Metaphysics and in this Wu Monkey we have Eating God (EG) hidden as the main Qi with Friend (F) and Indirect Wealth (IW) as the side Qi. So, this month energy's (looking both inside out) is to make sure that you have a unique/niche creation/ideas/skills/talents to be a solution-provider that can be well accepted/acknowledged/recognised within your network so that you can attract/create more opportunities to come to you.

First, this can be your guidance when you read the month Qi,

1. try to focus on what you need: Work, Business, Relationship or Health (work/Business - Month, Relationship - Day, , Health - overall element or specifically you can divide into internal external)

2. see what the 10 Gods (relationship) that the Branches carry-- for this you need to know the Day Master

3. check whether there is a connection ( H2CDP - Harm, Clash, Combination, Destruction and Punishment) to the Focus you have already marked on.

4. connect all the dots so it can give you one full story for you to be aware this month

Now, let's start from the Stems, the Wu will combine with Gui into Fire, so if this Fire is your Wealth, so you need to be able to manage your time-people-thought even so you can have more opportunities, and if this Fire is your Output, you need to make sure that your ideas can be marketed well, put it on the showcase so people can acknowledge it and eventually it can become your added value.

**If Fire element is not your favourable element, it just means that it is a bit harder for you to act on it but doesn't mean that you don't or can't do it.

Continue to the Branches, the Monkey will combine with Dragon and Rat into Water element. For this kind of combination if you find it in your Month Pillar then the next step you can see what the 10 Gods that they carry ( like mentioned in the guideline above)

For example: Your Focus is your Job and your month is Dragon. With the Gui Day Master, this Dragon become your Direct Officer, so looks like this Month maybe you can have a good news from your boss because the boss see you have a good "eyes" in observing things and have a good solution on the matter.

Another example of H2CDP , Monkey also will have combination as well as destruction with Snake, it means try to balance yourself out, make adjustment a bit so you can combine well.

For example : Your Focus is Relationship and your Day is Ding Snake, so this Snake will bring Rob Wealth as the main Qi, if you are still single you, you need to try not always make comparison or just adjust your expectation so you can find your partner faster this month.

Let's do the last example on H2CDP, Monkey when meeting Snake and Tiger it will form Ungrateful Punishment. For this Punishment the solution is only one that you need to try don't expect things too high which will lead to disappointment because what you did seem will go into drain.

For Example : Your Focus is work/business with Ji Day Master, Tiger (Jia - DO) in Month and Snake (Bing -DR) in year , now you have complete formation on Ungrateful Punishment.

Maybe this month you need to try to speak up when you feel you are not be able to do the tasks and if happened you need to do the tasks, don't expect people will praise you of what you have done and at the end you will feel like you are being used.

Especially with the Ji personality where can hold everything in but actually you need some "praise" or "appreciation" (we are still human, yes?). This attitude need to be changed slowly because the 2 from 3 animal sign that form the punishment you have it in your chart.

These all only example on how you can try to read it systematically which later on the reading can be more complex when we read the chart as a whole together with the Luck Pillar kicks in.

***Additional information: From this 2022 year started, we finally met the Geng element -- first Geng was in May as side Qi and second in this August as the Main Qi.

In 2022, We need to see Metal element as the sign of Learning ability, meticulous, information, knowledge, experiences, precision, ability to take action and courage (both form Metal as element and Metal as the 10 Gods). Especially for this Geng (Yang Metal) in this 2022, it represents the awareness/unconventional learning/trending market/spirituality/ability to see far and beyond.


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