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Now, we will try to see month of August from Bazi perspective. First, let's do some basic reading first. Do you know that Bazi has 10 Stems and 12 Branches?

Stems mean the 5 elements: Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water that has divided into Yin Yang as in this life everything is about balance-- darkness&brightness, black&white, cold&hot, negative&positive, etc-- so the elements in Chinese Metaphysics terms they become Heavenly Stems or Stems have 10 also ( from that 5 elements, each elements have the Yin Yang).

Earthly Branches or Branches, on the other hand, are the 12 animals' sign where each of these signs bring their main Qi which is also the Stems themselves but now it is hidden.

This month of August 2022 is the time for Wu (Yang Earth) Monkey to become the "head" of this month. This Wu Monkey, in the classification of Stems & Branches which is widely known as 60-Pillars, is one of the "staff" of Jia (Yang Wood) Dragon Department -position number 5**.

**you can refer to the below illustration**

So, if in your Natal Chart you have 1 or maybe all the 4 pillars of the Jia Dragon Group, usually it can mean that this month it is easier for you to "interact" or have connection with people.

The question now, what kind of people ? Then look at your Natal chart, in which pillar that you have one of the same group in this Jia Dragon Department.

For example : People who born in 1970, we can be sure that maybe this month you will interact more with people in your social circle, maybe you can meet with friends from the same school who are now working in the company that you have been aimed.

Or if you have Ji Rooster in your Month Pillar, we can say that looks like you can build up a partnership or project-based collaboration this month and can build the brand-image together.

These examples can be realised if you have done your "homework" on the previous months or at least 4 months ago. If in that previous 4 months what you do only stay at home and plan without balancing it with do the action then re-check/re-evaluate, you have missed the opportunities.

Especially if you Jia Day Master or Ren Water, you need to have to do your action already so this month you can just create your value. And if you are Bing Day Master, it's the time for you to show off what you have got and gain acknowledgment from that.

So, how many connection do you have and in which area that you can find the connection, you can just check from the illustration below. If you have more than 3, then consider yourself lucky and use that luck so what you really want you can get it.


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