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We have done the forecasting for month of July - Ding Goat 2022 chart. Now, because we have already entered the second half of the year, why don't we look at the Qi on the annual chart 0f 2022 especially at the South West palace where month of July August's big picture can be seen from here and what have you done and what is the next step that you need to do to aim your annual goals.

So, what do we have here in the Annual Chart perspective: Destructor star with Rest Door and Harmony Deity. In this palace also we have the formation of Geng-Xin as well as Geng-Wu.

At glance, we can already see that these 2 months ( Goat and Monkey represent July and August), we will have some kind of difficulty on the money-finance related and cash-in hand management.

You can try to do different approach to aim the same goals, try not to do things by yourself, try to be honest and no self denial. When you cannot handle things, just admit it so you can easily discuss with people around you and find the best solution on the difficulty that you're facing.

Also try not to create new goals. just focus on the current situation and resolve all the matters that still entangled first. planning is needed more rather than "attack" blindly. Be calm so you can think better. Don't be too stubborn, high ego and have "i know everything" attitude.

Now, you have the major look from Annual perspective and also from the Monthly perspective. One thing that we can see form both perspective is this month ( July), your plan should be revoked and if you want to put some capital in the new collaboration or partnership maybe you can postpone it first as you need to count in the relevant factors so you won't make any mistakes.


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