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"I can't always change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." ~ Jimmy Dean.

We have seen the Energy from Bazi perspective and IChIng perspective -- we need to be able to read the market, construct gradually and create new strategy to adjust and harmonise with fast spinning on the outside.

Today, we will see the energy that Qimen offer so the 'forecast' now can be completed and you know exactly on what you need to do. You can also reflect back to your own Destiny chart to make the reading more detailed.

For example : your focus on this month is your wealth/creating value, so what you need to do is to find where is your WEALTH palace ( where the LIFE door resides), if it's in Northeast, so in September chart, look at the Northeast palace.

The Destiny chart is your overall look, bigger picture and this month September chart is more specific point.

This month energy if you focus on the Doors, they move backward one step from their original position which means now the action is supported except for the Harm door and Life door, meaning you need to make sure that you have the resource - the plan, materials, money, staffs and other assets -in order you can "attack" and win.

How about the Stars ? They also move backward but with 2 steps from their original position, this time we have 2 stars which is not supported. The Assistant star in the Northeast will need explore a lot of new things from the new situation/ environment so that opportunity and possibility can be created. The other star is Pillar star in the South, here we need to be able to filter all the information that we received.

Let's explore on the Northeast palace where the Door and the Star quite aggressively 'counter' the palace: Learn to be more assertive, aggressive, competitive and as well as accept the unexpected. If you want to win the battle, we need to know about your situation, have exploration on everything : the map, the people, the strategy, the capital, weakness and strength. We need a handful of intuition- but not emotional- to help us to "aware" and more 'intuitive" so we can turn the setback into strike of luck.

The Envoy door still with the Scenery Door but currently its in the Southeast palace together with Grain star, Geng -Yi- Wu stems and Heaven Deity. Looks like if we have "storage" this time maybe we need to use it to build our brand image for long-term purposes.

Only that this time, we need to make it in smaller scopes -- let's say if currently there are have a lot of products in to focus on, this time try to choose 3 Diva products to boost -- and then build the perseverance so it can be handled well as the concentration now is getting smaller.

This September's Southeast palace weakness is only because sometimes we are wanting too much. We never "calculate" the long-term progress and are satisfied too soon.

With these 2 examples reading , hopefully by now we roughly understand what need to do this September. and if originally the Wealth palace in the Destiny chart is in the Northeast Or SouthEast, we also know what to focus on this September.



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