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Today wisdom is coming from I Ching & Oracle Cards.

When you are facing situation that has unfavorable outcome, tell yourself that is only temporary situation, as part of natural fliw of life.

By following the natural coyrse of events, you can find a way to move through this phase without getting stucks in feeling of emptiness or frustration. Once again, it is only temporary.

These several strategies that you can try to do :

• Take the time to observe your surroundings and the behavior of those you respect or who are successful in the areas where you feel lacking. Learning from others can provide valuable insights into how to navigate your current challenges.

• Accept that change is a constant and inevitable part of life. Embrace it as an opportunity for growth, even if it initially brings discomfort or feelings of emptiness.

• Recognize the importance of timing. Acting hastily can lead to further complications, whereas patience allows you to seize the right moment for action, leading to more successful outcomes.

In a more detailed and elaborated form, the technical reading of Hexagram 17, "Following," which consists of Dui (Lake) above Zhen (Thunder), can be interpreted as follows:

The composition of Hexagram 17, with Dui at the top and Zhen at the bottom, symbolizes a scenario where external pressures and challenges, represented by the thunderous energy of Zhen, are prevalent.

This thunder-like influence from the environment demands our heightened awareness and vigilance. The situation may indeed be difficult and demanding, but it also provides an opportunity for growth and development.

The presence of Dui, the Lake, in this hexagram, adds an important dimension to our response. Dui is associated with joy and openness, suggesting that despite the pressures, there is a need to maintain a positive and receptive attitude. This blend of vigilance (Zhen) and openness (Dui) is crucial in navigating the situation effectively.

Persistence must be coupled with a heightened sense of awareness and a deliberate, measured approach. Instead of rushing headlong into actions, the hexagram advises us to proceed cautiously, taking one step at a time.

By doing so, we can adapt more effectively to the challenges posed by our environment, learn from each step we take, and gradually progress towards our goals.


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