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17 February I Ching Reading

17 February 2022

Daily I Ching Cast

Today I Ching is hexagram #1 the HEAVEN - QIAN takes the active role as the initiator, provides the purest YANG energy. It possesses the attributes of prosperity, dutifully firm and unwavering.

To build understanding about I Ching as a whole, one need to have fully understanding ( in detail) of the QIAN and KUN as the first and second hexagram from the all 64-hexagrams. By perceiving the intended meaning of Qian and Kun, one will understand about the concept of balance, harmony, nature of change and adjustment.

To know when to advance and when to retreat, when it is not favorable to advance, it is time to gather one’s strength, hold one’s faith and stand steadfast waiting or the right time and proper situation. When the time is right to progress, one still should guard against arrogance and rashness ( ~the Complete I Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang~)

In short : Stay sensible and practical of what can be achieved or expected. Finish what one has started, don't get overwhelmed, stay grounded.

The Deity for today — GRAPPLING HOOK has spiritual protection and support which makes Hook experiences precognition and even recall events. Open minded and like to explore new things, doesn’t give up easily, have refined tastes and good “eye”, have own moral compass — that’s why not easy to deal with the Hook, stubborn, narcissistic, self-centered, resentful

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