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In Chinese Astrology, we have 12 animals sign also known as EARTHLY BRANCHES. These 12 animals sign represent quite a lot of information, such as timing, direction, season, element, etc.

The placement of these 12 animals is fixed, you can even arrange it onto your finger and line phalange so you can start memorizing it.

This placement is where you can see all the animals have their own “room”. This formation is usually used in the Ziweidoushu chart, while Fengshui and Qimen charts, will use the 9-grid type where the animal in the Growth stage ( Tiger Snake Monkey and Pig ) will share their “room” with the animal in the Grave stage (Ox Dragon Goat Dog)

With this formation, you can also play and memorise the H2CDP ( Harm Clash Combinations Destruction and Punishment) interaction easily.

That’s all for now... Happy Learning!


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