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" Make preparations in advance, you never have trouble if you are prepared for it" ~Theodore Roosevelt

In Western Astrology, today 18 January 2023 Mercury Retrograde is finally come to and end. The miss-communication, miss-understanding, miss-drama and the others negative miss-es are finally come to an end. Hopefully we can learn a lot of things from here so we can allow to have reflection moment.

By Chinese Calendar today Day Officer also marked by CLOSED day with Hexagram #27. Hexagram #27 itself reminds us that we need to nourish ourself and people around us by giving more positive, happy and supportive environment, be mindful when you start opening your mouth either it for talking or eating as it can impact and effect others and ourselves ( talking : inside out and eating : outside in).

Do have a new start with a bang ...A GOOD BANG. Chinese New Year is visiting in the next 5 days (although the Li Chun will only come on 4 February 2023) but we need to prepare everything fresh from now, it's like when you back to school moment - new bag, new shoes, new book, new syllabus, new classmates (sometimes) and also new and "upgraded" goal (maybe).

To assist you to know which direction to take, what you need to focus more, and how you can deploy your plan well, we will use I Ching perspective on this with King Wen Car.

You just need to know what animal signs that you have in your Destiny Map, you can plot it here

**Below cards are the 6 Guardians for today, 18 January 2023 as we casted the card this morning at 7.15 AM, these Guardians can represents the situation, the people, the action, the direction in King Wen Divination. The sequence based on the element for today ( Bing Rat), so we start with : Fire-Earth-Metal-Water-Wood**

Because we have 4 pillars in our Destiny Map, we need to know first what this 4 pillars represent:

1. the Day Master is your general outlook on what you need to prepare overall,

2. the Year Pillar is your surrounding-the outer environment-your social network ( this is important when you focus on your business as this remark your market),

3. the Month Pillar is your productive pillar-your value- your real activity- your work-your business, you ability to create value and

4. the last is your Hour Pillar that represents your thinking-your perspective when you see things-your staff, your kids.

** Below illustration only the Destiny Map example by Show & Tell Academy**

Then, let's apply it to the format below on to the King Wen Card, this sequence of 12 branches is fixed.

Clock-wise : Rat -Ox-Tiger-Rabbit-Dragon-Snake-Horse-Goat-Monkey-Rooster-Dog-Pig

What you need to do is : match it with your Day Master first to give you general outlook then only you match it with what is your focus for 2023.

For this illustration example, the Day Master is SNAKE and let's say the focus is about creating value then we need to see on the Month pillar : TIGER.

Now, let's open up on the first 6 of the 12 Branches :

Rat : Be sincere and truthful, you need to have a solid foundation and always have a good relationship with other human being. You need to focus on what you can give for others with your ideas, talents, skills. Have the courage to make a change. Change is painful but it's more painful when you stay still.

Ox : Be initiative, make that next move to create more value with whatever you have accumulated. But always understand the nature of adjusting while making that move on when to advance and when to have a pause.

Tiger : Be Wise, when everything is already in your "possession" you need to remember how you can get into this great moment, don't do things vigorously as when things reach climax, they will alternate to opposite. Build that same determination and perseverance so you can aim the "value" that you need.

Rabbit : Be compassionate and understanding, everyone of us will have different perspective in looking at one thing and own style in doing things. Sometimes because of these differences, you can even more get surprising insight. To work well with others, you just do what you do best and let others also do what they can do best.

Dragon : Be Active and Responsive as there will be opportunities that need your respond. Don't be too hooked up on what happened previously, just used that as a lesson for you to move forward with more wisdom and lead others to the initial goals/objectives. This also means you need to set a good example.

Snake : Be Steady and Stable so you can have continues progress and growth. Create more connection with others so you can have more people that can support and walk with you towards your goal. Inwardly correcting ourselves rather than outwardly correcting others.

Today, we just cover these 6 Branches first and we believe you are all ready to the max for this Gui Rabbit Year.

Let's grow together positively and wisely.


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