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Updated: Jan 22, 2023

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom" ` Viktor E. Frankl

Yesterday, we have posted the focus for Rat-Ox-Tiger-Rabbit-Dragon-Snake, so you can re-read it here if your Destiny Map contains these 6 animals. As promised, we will reveal the other 6 branches soon and today on the Ding Ox - Establish Day with Hexagram #17 : where we have to build the trust, consistent on what we have said and do what we've said so that people can still follow with secured feeling.

We will continue the focus for the other 6 Branches and these branches are all has the opposite position from yesterday 6 Branches, which means they are all clashes each other. Please refer to the picture below.

**This formation also you can use on the Finger method start with the Rat on the line below Phalange on Ring finger and count it clock-wise**

Because we've casted the card yesterday, so on the Guardians we still follow yesterday formation although actually today's element still Fire so it will be Vermillion Bird-Arranger Angular-Flying Serpent-White Tiger-Black Tortoise and Azure Dragon, respectively.

Now, let's begin :

Horse : Be Ready and Prepared for the new exploration and next level play game, build your network, collaboration with others although it means you need to take out a bit of your capital. Your past is your lessons, your present is a gift and your future is your motivation. Make the past experiences as you're whipped but don't feel attached on it. There will be a lot of opportunities and offers that you can have.

Goat : Be Responsive and Flexible on what is happening around you. These all Yin lines have to be accompanied with the Yang lines which just happened owned by the Ox on the opposite side. It can be meant that you need to respond on what has already prepared for you although it's not what you've usually done - make a change, be more creative and use your ideas, skills and talents so then only you can see the result.

Monkey : Be Unselfish and Open so you can enhance, strengthen and elevate yourself in this new level game that you will be in. When you can give a good example to people under your care, you can multiply your value and even your connection. The time is now, so do it properly.

Rooster : Be Mindful and Unemotional when you face a situation that hard and tough.

Acknowledge on the mistake and not in the self-denial will lead you to different perspective. Influence yourself to better rather than build the fake wall just to cover everything.

This also refer on the way you manage your wealth, your money, your finance, don't have an impulsive buying and moody-shopping.

Dog : Be Clear, Balance and Cautious especially when everything become too bright for you, because one extreme will leads to misery. You can change your actions and attitude when the situation and environment don't please you. This also include your bad habit, your comfort zone, and your self-denial. Create your balance between you and your surrounding as you only one step ahead to a new and promising journey.

Pig : Be Reflective and Do Self-Examination maybe are the correct way to represent this to the Pig. Don't always blame others even in a very difficult and destitute situation. Say sorry is good attitude but you need to know why and what you are sorry for and do not repeat the same things -- that when we say it become mistakes, in the future. Understand the law of cause and effect - one who damages others will eventually damage oneself.

Manage yourself better, do constant self-reflect and self-examination when you are still early stage so will be easier for you to comprehend.

These new format reading are very interesting even for us. We've noticed that it's have the alignment with the Ba Zi reading especially on the SenSha.

So, after you all can mix and match with your own Destiny Map, we think now we are all ready to face the Gui Rabbit. It's not that hard actually, if we can tune our thinking on how we see things.

Take a deep breath, have a little moment of yourself and off we go...


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