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What You Will Learn in
this Program

King Wen Essential 2022

 1) The Philosophy of Yin & Yang
2) Early & Later Heaven Bagua
3) The Essential of 8 Trigrams 
4) 5 Elements
5) 3 Flows
6) The Nature of 12 Animal Signs
7) The Chemistry of Earthly Branches
8) Introduction to the 8 Houses

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Group Coaching (Replay)

You will definitely have questions to ask after 
learning & applying, fret not, on top of the Q&A session in the class, we will be having additional coaching session, so that you can raise your questions and we will be there to clear your doubts.

Replay Video Fee USD 297

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Replay Video Fee USD 297

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Don't Take Our Words For it
See What Our Students Are Saying

Mieke Fraussen
Country : Belguim

Devanssh Dhruz
Country : Canada

Audra Wong
Country : Singapore

Gilbert Pang
Country : Malaysia

Country : USA

Nusa Martini
Country : Slovenia

What Our Clients Say about
Our Consultation?

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Our Previous Classes...

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Replay Video Fee USD 297

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